Wednesday, October 06, 2004

I Like Cheney's Face

Gwen Ifill a.k.a., Opinionated Devil in the Blue Dress, surprised and intrigued me by not keeping to the traditional line of questioning and inserting her own personal assumptions and odd, what should have been internal, queries. Case in point:

Gwen (speaking to Edwards): “...There have been suicide bombings, targeted assassinations, mortar attacks, all of this continuing at a time when the United States seems absent in the peace-making process...”

Then she made sure to add “...First of all, do you agree that the United States is absent? Maybe you don't.” Y’know, so the rest of us won’t think she believes that the U.S. has been woefully negligent regarding the escalating Israeli/Palestinian violence. Which, of course, it has. But Gwen, you’re treading dangerous territory by interjecting your obvious personal beliefs within the supposed neutral zone here. Oh, well.

Gwen also glibly stated (speaking to Cheney): “It [question on U.S. joblessness and poverty] goes to the Senator. I see you. I just asked him about Israel, even though we didn't actually talk about it much.” Wrong, Gwen. Stop thinking out loud.

So Cheney, the Tranquil Robot goes: "I concede the point."

Big audience laughs all around.

Which then forces Edwards to pout (and he did pout, charmingly, I might add) and defend himself like that of a five-year-old whose baby sister just made up a big lie about him stealing her candy so that he’ll get in trouble with Mommy, when in fact it was the baby sister who stole his candy.: “No, I did talk about it, Israel. He's the one who didn't talk about it.”

Gwen then reached across the table and smoothed a stray lock of hair from John’s eye while murmuring, “I know, baby. I know you did.. Mommy’s sorry.”

A resounding “awwwww” from the audience echoed throughout the hall.

Really, a touching display.

Cheney was on, I must admit. He came across well, appeared intelligent, commanding, not too snide. I softened when he thanked Edwards for his comments regarding his family (during the question on gay marriage): “Well, Gwen, let me simply thank the senator for the kind words he said about my family and our daughter. I appreciate that very much.” And he seemed very sincere while saying that. He even waived his rebuttal, which, I thought, was classy. Gave me the impression that he mightily agrees with Edwards on Bush’s assholish and unnecessary Constitutional ban wish.

Both candidates, in my opinion, did well, and even though things got a bit heated at times, neither of them appeared foolish or bumbling or condescending -- it was a dignified debate, and I was happy of that.

Too bad Cheney’s a big money-grubbing liar, but hey, at least he doesn't fill me with intense hatred whenever I see his face. His boss, on the other hand...


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