Friday, October 01, 2004

The Way I Saw It

Kerry tried as best he could in two minute intervals to lay out an overview of his plans regarding bringing troops home, ensuring homeland security, and enlisting the help of our erstwhile U.N. Friends to finish the job the right way in Iraq as well as his plans to engage in bilateral diplomacy (the six-way talks have proven unsuccessful) to get that snaky, dangerous old man Kim Jong-il to cease and desist with his nuclear weapons program. Kerry also tried as best he could, sans butting in and stealing an extra thirty seconds without asking permission like some other candidate (really, now, Mr. President, I realize that you feel you’re above most laws and regulations, but the debate rules state...) to repudiate Bush’s tiresome claims that he isn’t consistent with his views on Iraq. Basically he said that the president mislead the American people with his bogus “intelligence,” lies and misinformation meant to frighten and dismay, meant to sway and disarm normally clear-headed, righteous people into backing Bush’s ass in his megalomaniacal quest.

Hell, even I backed his ass. In the beginning. When I believed the lies. Before he devastated U.S. economy, dug us into the biggest deficit hole in history, and took away funding for everything from school programs to health care to firefighters and police. Before he ignored the number one post-911 priority: homeland security. Before he allowed assault rifles to once again haunt our cities. Why, that fuck.

But anyway. Kerry tried, and he did better than well. He presented himself as trustworthy, level-headed, determined and very, very presidential.

Bush, on the other stinking hand, appeared the fool, as usual. How embarrassing. What a disgrace. Lie after lie after lie flew from his smirking, constipated face, nothing that was new, nothing that would lead me to believe he knows what he’s doing -- sure, he told us he knew what he’s doing, he told us, ad nauseam, just how consistent a man he is. Yes, of course you are, fool. You’ve been consistent with your lies and delusions, and you’ve been consistent as all mighty hell regarding your determination to continue murdering our ill-equipped young men and women, as well as Iraq’s. You’re determined to stay on the same useless, crumbling path, and you are consistent with your views that the rest of the world, never mind America, need not utter one word of dissent, because really, you just don’t care. You are right, the rest of the world outside your own little privileged cave, is wrong.

Bush has taken America from being an example of respectful, compassionate leadership, a country where milk and honey truly were attainable by everyone, and buried her beneath bumbling rhetoric and fear, divided her into us and them. How sad. How surreal that America has come to this, that half of our people condone and encourage this.

If I didn’t know better, I’d think that he was an evil wizard.


At 10:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just had to say: amen.

(and apologize in advance if it's creepy to have a stranger comment on your blog)
:) ~ theresa boyar

At 11:25 AM, Blogger Ms. Lori said...

Well, hello there, Theresa! I welcome comments with open arms, believe me. Thanks so much for sharing your "Amen!" with me. Please feel free to comment whenever you like -- I'm looking forward it!

Wish more "strangers" would do the same...but I understand why they don't. I am kind of creepy.

So c'mon you gorgeous Canadians, you lovely Aussies, you fantastic and mysterious NYers, you wild and wooly Texans -- even you, lone British person -- talk to me, dammit! Theresa did! And I didn't bite her even once!

That goes for my lurker friends, too. Talk to me. Tell me you love me. Espouse the goodness of Bush, if you must, but just talk to me once in a while!


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