Thursday, September 30, 2004

Lost in a Sea of Love

Oh, man. The second episode of Lost is just as intriguing and weird and wonderful as the first. YAY, oh yay. Me happy. Could this be? Could I possibly be as in love with Lost as I was with American Gothic?

I think I could be.

I like how they do the reveals veeerrryyy slowly, how everyone is suspect in some way (who's on the up-and-up, who's that and why are they so freaking strange?). Love it!

My favorite characters so far are Curly (I'm partial to large men who say "dude"), Doctor Jack (hot,hot,hot), and the brunette prisoner chick, Kate. She's lovely with all those adorable freckles of hers, her moxie. I wonder what she did that made her a wanted woman, though. Odd how a supposed "criminal" isn't familiar with guns...She sure knew how to disarm blondie (handsome mean guy who shot that...thing), which leads me to speculate she may have been involved in white collar crime, or perhaps an accomplice. Of course, she may have been playing stupid regarding the gun -- she certainly knew how to hold it and point in a commanding way.

The Asian couple are fascinating. I'm thinking that they're father and daughter, hence his over-protectiveness, her over-the-top obeisance. I would think, in this day and age, a modern Korean wife wouldn't take shit like that from her husband.

The British rock star guy gets on my nerves, though. Stereotypical, dumb, not pleasant to look at. I dunno. I just hate him.

Maybe the giant robot (I like to think it's a robot created by extraterrestrial beings) in the jungle will kill him next week. One can only hope. It'd be good if the whiny blonde was taken out along with him. Another character I dislike immensely. Easy gig for that chick -- the only lines she has to memorize are: Wahhhhh! and No! (said with defiant little chin tilted upward) and Aiiiiiiiiii, aiiiiiii, aiiiiiii! (is her scream the most annoying thing you've ever heard in your life?).

Can't wait to see if creepy orange peel man will make another appearance. I like him way too much.

A'ight. Good enough for now. Stay tuned for Ms. Lori's Lost thoughts next Thursday.

Quick Mr. Butlerism: "Mommy, I buy you more patience! C'mon, we go to the store now!"


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