Friday, February 23, 2007

My Heart Lies Dormant

Ms. Lori is disappointed with the lack of hot male studery on this season’s American Idol.

Also, I think Simon Cowell may have had breast reduction surgery, but I can't be sure...There's a strong possibility that he's merely strapping his manly mammaries against his ribcage with some sort of leather contraption designed for such purpose, which, if true, is to be commended. His bounteous bosoms of seasons past were the source of much distraction for me, especially when he would casually toy with them, rub them, slap them, make them dance...Shameful, it was. Dirty and shameful.

That is all.


At 6:57 PM, Blogger dennis mahagin said...


Great imagery. ;)

The Man Boobs
Of Cowell ugh yikes!

I wonder how many push-ups
Simon could do, Ms. Lori?

At 12:49 AM, Blogger e-blackadder said...

Blake is this years stud on the guys side. Eventually his hair will fall down, and then you wanna bet your panties will probably melt... lol.

For the girls, the uber-hottie, (although NOT the most talented), is Alaina. Pity she's so talentless that she'll be knocked off before the top 12 and I'll be stuck fantasizing about Sabrina and her Striesand nose for the next month...

Screw 'em all, go Melissa!

Honestly, I hope when we get to the top 12, someone steps up and grabs me. This time last year, I had a clear 4 or 6 faves that I could pull for and get into fandom over. This year is too tepid and generic. If someone doesn't step up and get a personality...

It's like trying to root for 20 cardboard cutouts. Ugh.

At 10:34 AM, Blogger Fallen Star said...

My gawd! I know that because of this post I will be periodically sneaking grabs of my man boobs. I wonder if I will have the courage to wear the all too metrosexual manssier if one day I discover others paying too much attention to my chest.

At 3:49 PM, Blogger Ms. Lori said...

Dennis, were I too even catch a glimpse of said push-ups, my soul would leap from my body, leaving me an empty, evil shell.

Love Melissa, Nugs. As for Blake, nope, can't see the stud factor. Too soft-looking for my taste. I like me some rough edges.

Fallen Star, "manssier" is my new favorite word. ;-)


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