Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Like the Phoenix, or a Zombie, She Rises...

There's still some life left in The Hill.

I'm glad. Not because she's my definite pick, but because I'm still undecided.

All right, enough politics for today. I can hardly think straight enough to form one simple, cohesive sentence let alone a political opinion worthy of your eyeballs.

Man, I've been so sick this week. Anyone else going though this lingering cold/flu/parasitic/plague-like/Cthulhu-related bug? Darned thing's been hanging on my buttocks for weeks now. Goes away, comes back worse, goes away, comes back twice as worse. Now it's in my chest something awful, got the fever, the whole shebang. Which sucks, because now I'm too sick to visit my mom, even if I wear a mask (she's neutropenic). If I dare go to the hospital today, I'm afraid the nurses will insist I wear a welder's helmet, and I really can't go there. Dear GOD, not THE HELMET!

Think I'd best stay in bed as much as possible for the next couple of days.

I must be better by Saturday, because one of Mom's good friends, a woman she's known since girlhood, is flying in from Chicago to see her, is supposed to pick me up Saturday afternoon. I must go, come hell, high water, or welder's helmet, I must go. This reunion is incredibly important, and I will make damn sure it happens.

Mom, you see, hasn't exactly been open to visitors (or phone calls) outside of immediate family for many, many months now, and I'm tired of repeatedly telling concerned folks "I'm sorry." Apparently, Mom's friend, whom I will refer to as "J," is tired of being told "I'm sorry," and decided to just barge right in -- and I'm glad she is.

When she and I spoke on the phone last, she said to me "Tell your mother to put on her fucking eyebrows, 'cause I'm coming to see her," which made me laugh. "J," although very classy and beautiful, with the unmistakable bearing of those "ladies who lunch," also has a mouth like a grizzled sea merchant who's been on a bender for five years in a row.

She also said, "Goddamnit, Lori, I'm not going to wait until your mother's lying in a sonofabitching casket." Which made me cry.

ADDENDUM: Speaking of crying, if you didn't see the premiere of New Amsterdam, which aired last night at 9:00 EST on Fox, I strongly urge you to catch the next episode. Seriously, I watch little television outside of documentaries, Lost, American Idol, and CNN, but I was too sick and weak to change the channel after AI ended...Almost makes me glad I'm about an inch from the grave.

"New Amsterdam" is beautifully written, gorgeous to look at, intelligent, thought-provoking, unique, and the lead actor is hot. So is the lead actress, who plays the role of Amsterdam's partner. Enough said (for now).

Another Addendum: Just noticed I used the word "glad" way too many times in this post. You know Ms. Lori is sick when she is unable to make use of various other synonyms.


At 4:16 AM, Blogger John T. Folden said...

Thanks for the NA:F site mention! Always glad to see someone who enjoys the show.

At 9:21 AM, OpenID twoblueday said...

I'm so glad
I'm so glad
I'm glad I'm glad I'm glad

I'm so glad, I'm so glad
I'm glad I'm glad I'm glad
(I credit these timeless lyrics to Cream, although they doubtless were covering a song by some real bluesman who probably never made enough money doing music to live on).

I thought Lasse Halstrom (is that the right guy?) coulda done better with New Amsterdam, but I didn't hate it.

At 9:26 AM, OpenID twoblueday said...

That bluesman would be the legendary Skip James.

Look at my blog, I've posted (or will in a couple of minutes) a special gladness post just for you.

At 10:46 AM, Blogger Ms. Lori said...

You're very welcome, John.

Gerry, I left a comment on your blog.

P.S. Now I have that song stuck in my head. I feel woozy. And NOT so glad. Yikes!

At 2:31 AM, Blogger Justice said...

"Darned thing's been hanging on my buttocks for weeks now. Goes away, comes back worse, goes away, comes back twice as worse. Now it's in my chest something awful, got the fever, the whole shebang."

That's been the way of it for me. Doc gave me some hydrocodone-laced cough syrup... what a stupidly spelled word "syrup." Didn't you once write an ode..?

At 9:26 AM, Blogger Ms. Lori said...

Justice, I chugged that deathly-tasting cough syrup a few years ago when I had pneumonia. Think it had codeine in it? Good shit, though. Worked.

I believe the ode you're referring to is the one I wrote to Vicodin.

Ah, beautiful Vicodin...

At 1:36 PM, Anonymous lisa said...

my prayers are with you love.


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