Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I, Bounty Hunter (oh, HELL no!)

Might have some interesting news regarding myself and a well-respected BEA (bond enforcement agent) in a few weeks...But then again, I might not. I’m hoping that certain plans (involving a possible article I may write) come to a lovely, adventurous fruition. But it may not.

So I’ll just leave this cryptic bit of crapola as is, and say nothing more.

I will, however, also leave you with this:

ADDENDUM: Just saw the following on Poppy Z. Brite’s journal, and because some of you kind OWM readers live in the areas listed below, I thought maybe those of you who are animal lovers could help out…

“I hate to keep asking for things, but this isn't for us; it's for our New Orleans neighbor, sixty-something Miss Sue, who used to take care of our animals when we traveled. She's staying with her sister-in-law in Alabama and has her two dogs with her, but is not allowed to bring her cats. They're at the shelter in Gonzalez and we are willing to pick them up, but can't see adding several strange cats to our already overloaded (18 cats and a dog) single room. Would anyone in Louisiana, south/central Mississippi, or Alabama be willing to foster between 3 and 9 cats (I'm not sure how many of hers are there) for a period of several weeks or possibly even months? If so, e-mail me at funkyegret (at) yahoo (dot) com with the subject line SUE'S CATS. We will pick up the cats and bring them to you. I know this is a long shot, but believe me, you will get stars in your crown.”


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