Monday, September 06, 2004

A Brite Morning

Argh. Could my title be more asinine? Forgive the asininicity; I haven't slept for more than five hours total the past few nights, so, y'know, I'm entitled to indulge in asinine behavior. Insomnia and excruciating physical pain go together like birds of a feather.

See? Asininicity in its finest form.

More asininicity for your reading displeasure: I like corn!

Anyway, Poppy Z. Brite rocked my world with this: She's So Lovely

The fact that PZB cared enough about my little problem blows my mind and makes me smile so big.

Though I've come to terms, even accepted that "Annabell" will probably never see print in its original form, it's beyond cool that the lost lines are posted on her journal. I mean, yeah, I was in a bad way when I first saw that the story was once again incomplete (felt a bit...insulted, like, why only *my* story? It wouldn't have bothered me if the editors *wanted* the lines dropped, and we revised the story prior to "Borderlands 5" and/or "From the Borderlands," but that wasn't the case. So, I felt like the universe was just taking a big dump on ol' Ms. Lori as per usual), but "Annabell," as has been pointed out to me by various writers I respect, works just fine without the last lines. I can dig it, daddy.

Now go forth and buy Poppy's newest novels "The Value of X" and "Liquor" -- I just did. Well, “Liquor,” at least -- “The Value of X” is currently out of stock on Amazon. I've read some of her amazing earlier works, but hadn't gotten off my ass and purchased her recent stuff until today. My jowls are quivering with anticipation.

ADDENDUMdeDUM: Well slap my jowls and call them jiggly! Subterranean Press will be putting out the second edition of "The Value of X" -- preorder HERE


At 1:02 PM, Blogger docbrite said...

Thanks, Lori. The Value of X is currently out of print, but Subterranean Press will be reprinting it this fall.


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