Monday, August 30, 2004

Bend Over and Kiss Your Ass Goodbye

I'm obsessed with This

Don't know why, just am. Showed this to my bro' on Saturday, and upon watching his reaction, spewed beer all over the poor dude's pant leg. Just like in the movies, the ol' "spew beverage all over the place when flabbergasted" gag. It was funny. Then he punched me in the throat and called me a fuckwit.


I was thrilled to see such a huge turnout during the NYC protests. Did my heart good. I love how the city refuses to state the estimated numbers (CNN estimates over 400,000). Gee willies, that's interesting. Media coverage has been woefully thin, but that doesn't surprise me. Bush People poke their pricks up against the buttocks of almost everyone, it seems. Everyone's so afraid to speak the truth, so careful and polite -- but WHY? Corporate sponsorship, maybe? Say this, expose that and your program goes bye-bye? I tend to go there, myself. Remember when the Conservatives used to whine about the "liberal media"? Sure they did, but the media wasn't so much liberal as it was *free*. Why, there's been nary a peep in that regard since...well, since Bush moved his big red behind into the Oval Office. Pure coincidence that freedom of press was a given under Democratic leadership, right? Yeah, sure. Journalists these days are walking mighty funny, got that "dick up ass" expression all over their faces.

400,000-plus souls virtually ignored by the once all-up-in-yo'-face media.

Chill, babies -- it's only democracy peeking through the heavy totalitarian curtain; it's only the MAJORITY exercising Constitutional rights, stepping over the thick velvet rope of theocracy.

It sickens me to watch the news now. Sickens me to see these daily polls (a.k.a the "who is smarter and makes more sense" polls) reporting that the majority of our country oppose Bush's policies, both domestic and foreign, yet Bush, in the "who ya gonna vote for" polls, is ahead of Kerry. ?????????????

'Course, if that stupid ass puppet excuse for a human being, Nader, would just shut the hell up and go home -- for good -- maybe, just maybe, the three percent that he uses for onanistic purposes will head on over to Kerry and the polls wouldn't be so worrisome. But Nader won't do that, not when he's got all that prime Republican wiener servicing him on a daily basis. Blah.

And what the hell's up with Zell Miller? This "Democrat" Georgia senator who gave the keynote address for Clinton (denounced Bush Sr. as "a timid man who hears only the voices of caution and the status quo") will be the keynote speaker at the Republican National Convention. Wasn't too long ago he described Kerry as "one of America's authentic heroes" Wait, gotta do this again:


My God, if ever there was a bigger ass puppet, I sure don't know about it. Someone not only stole this man's brain and ate it with fava beans and a nice Chianti, but they ripped out his integrity and used it for a place mat. Christ!

So, I'll be watching the Republican convention tonight. Not because I want to, mind you, but because, as they say, know your enemy.


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