Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Day After!

Man, and I am so happy that it's Day After day!

Few things I observed yesterday (I'll make this short, as I am extremely uncomfortable at the moment):

A-1) Occasionally, I speak like an ass. Example: My husband mentioned to me that there was a UFO-related marathon broadcasting on some cable station -- a UFOpalooza, if you will -- a subject he knows I am interested in.

Fine, obsessed with.

Unfortunately, when I hurriedly finished what I was doing (basting a turkey, throwing back a shot of hooch) and flipped to that station, the marathon was just about ending. Well, I was so angry that I'd missed it, I turned to Lar and, in my best American film actor accent, circa 1935, said "If I'd known about the marathon, see, I would have watched it, see. See here, Lar! I would have watched it, see!"

Pomegranates are manna from heaven, see. Except, well...I always feel like I'm eating them wrong. Hmm. Is there a pomegranate-eating etiquette site somewhere on this big old wide web of wonder?

While purchasing Christmas presents, Guitar Hero seemed like a good idea. Until, that is, my kids apparently couldn't get the hang of "Hit Me With Your Best Shot."

Hit me with your best shot
C'mon and hit me with your best shot
Hit me with your best shot
Fire a-waaay-a-ay

Over and over and
Over and over again
Until I wished my ears
would curl up and

Ever feel like taking a plane to Los Angeles, buying a map to stars' homes, finding Pat Benatar, knocking on her door, and, if not hustled away by security persons first, and, if luck be on your side and Ms. Benatar answers her door, putting your hands around her tiny neck and just squeezing?

4) New Year's Eve is better than Christmas Eve and Christmas Day put together.

6) The CNN anchors act like total foam monkeys on Christmas Day, and it is embarrassing to watch them behave in such a manner. Word to CNN anchors: Just because it's a holiday, that does not give you free reign to act like foam monkeys. Dignity, people. Dignity...


At 5:24 PM, Anonymous twoblueday said...

the CNN folks are just g-d ingnoranamusses, or is it ignoramorusses? Anyway, they are totally ignernt.

I never thought about choking Ms. Benatar, but I wouldn't object if you did it.

See my "Priest's Brawl . . ." blog post and the link. Maybe you'll laugh.


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